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At Audience Index Marketing we achieve successful client mail campaigns -- managing all phases to ensure quality and results.  We can implement database construction and processing services to manage and track your campaign, provide mail piece printing and design, and any and all mailing services.

AIM provides the services and expertise to ensure your next marketing campaign's



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  • Experience -- open since 1979!
  • Expertise -- from the largest multinational businesses to the local small business, we have done it all!
  • Service -- we provide 1-on-1 interactions ensuring comfort at each stage.

AIM has industry certifications and partners with the US Postal Service

  • Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Northern California Chapter-registered broker
  • Standard Rate and Data Services (SRDS)-registered list management and brokerage firm
  • Certified member of the Sacramento Postal Customer Council

AIM is locally owned and operated since 1979 just southeast of Sacramento, CA

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