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Audience Index Marketing specializes in managing and processing marketing databases for client mail campaigns.  We provide database construction and processing services, mail piece printing and design, and mailing services -- a full-service turnkey solution for all of your mail campaign needs.

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The single most important element for a successful direct marketing campaign is selection of the mail list most likely to respond to the product or service being offered.  AIM will work you with this in mind -- resulting in greater successes and overall efficiency.  Knowing your market is key -- let us assist you and get your business the right prospects.

AIM offers a wide array of residential and business selections; industry-specific lists for medical professionals, educators, farmers and ranchers; government offices, including police, fire and other emergency officials; schools and churches, and many others.  Residential lists can be very specifically targeted by both demographics and geography.

AIM can process your files to append demographics to enhance existing sales opportunities -- as well as other opportunities to utilize your existing customer base.  We are experienced with more than two decades of mapping projects ranging from 3,000-mile utility corridors to local small businesses targeting their market.


Audience Index Marketing provides all necessary US Postal Service processing, ensuring your lowest possible postage rates -- while getting your mail to the right person at the right time!

By utilizing our relationships with top printing and design firms, we can offer the best fit for your needs.  We can provide as much or as little help that you need through this critical phase.

AIM provides mail services to US Postal Service (or international) mail standards and gets your mail pieces  into the mailstream for the fastest delivery to your customers / prospects at the lowest rates.


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